Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations by Lukasmummy
Halloween Decorations, a photo by Lukasmummy on Flickr.

Credits: Layered template (Adventure 365, Template 8), Trick Or Treat, Trick Or Treat Cardstocks and Trick Or Treat Glitters all by Jewel Goodwin (Mad Genius Designs). Font is DJB Writes A Lot by Darcy Baldwin.
Journalling reads: Since it was our first Halloween, we went a little bit overboard when it came to buying decorations for our little Halloween party. Plastic banners, paper chains and inflatable items for the walls. Tinsel to wrap around the light stand and cardboard chandeliers and paper lanterns for the doorway. We decorated the tv unit with flashing lights and Logan drove us nuts by constantly swiping them to play with. We bought a plastic tablecloth and paper napkins for the table as well as a tinsel fountain centre piece. We even went as far as buying lots of Halloween themed plastic plates and bowls. It took us nearly the whole afternoon to decorate the living room and when we were finished it looked more than a little tacky, but it was so worth the expense and the effort to see how thrilled and excited both of the boys were about the party when it was finally all finished.

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