Thursday, September 15, 2011

Eating At The First Floor

Eating At The First Floor by Lukasmummy
Eating At The First Floor, a photo by Lukasmummy on Flickr.

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Journalling reads: When we were trying to think of how to celebrate your birthdays, we thought that going out for a meal would be a nice thing to do. Since Nana was in hospital we ended up changing our plans, for Lukas’s birthday dinner was a sort of picnic of chips and egg fried rice at the park. For Logan’s I ended up going to a hospital appointment with Nan, we just ended up going swimming and then getting Mcdonalds since that is what Logan wanted. It was a shame really since I had picked out a new to us restaurant on the cowley road, called The First Floor. It’s an eat as much as you like buffet that serves a micture of chinese, thai, indian and continental food. We decided that it would be really nice to go there for Daddy’s birthday instead. We got all dressed up and caught the bus to the restaurant. They seated us in the window which you two thought was super cool, you had a great time watching all of the buses and people on the road below. We were really lucky since there was no charge for Logan since he was under 3 and they were running an offer where kids under 10 eat for just £1. The waiters came over and asked what you would like to drink, we ordered a diet coke for Lukas, a pineapple juice for Mummy and a pint of beer for Daddy. We didn’t think Logan could be trusted with a glass so we gave him his bottle instead.. Lukas was feeling really hungry and he was really excited to start eating. Lukas decided to try the fish goujons, and ended up liking them so much he had 3 massive plates full, along with some chips and a few other bits and pieces, Mummy selected some bits for Logan including noodles, chips and 1 piece of fish. Mummy and Daddy enjoyed trying a bit of everything. Me and Lukas tried the freshly made buttered Naan breads and enjoyed them so much we ended up sharing 2 plates full. We were just a little bit disappointed that there only seemed to be a very small selection of food available and they didn’t seem to be offering any kind of continental food, even though the website said they did pizza made to order. Then we moved onto the desert, Lukas had some ice cream and chocolate mousse while Mummy chose fruit salad and banana mousse. Logan and Daddy didn’t want any. It was so nice for us to be able to enjoy a meal out together as a family, that was not a Mcdonalds and we were so very proud of how you both behaved even if Logan did make a mess!

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