Thursday, July 02, 2009

Today is a much better day

Last night when I spoke to Mark on the phone I was almost in tears, I was tired and frustrated and very very hot. He was going to Tesco on the way home and decided that chocolate ice cream might help cheer me up, it was a very nice thought but it was kind of chocolate mush by the time he got home lol. But he did manage to cheer me up by making me a sandwich before he went to bed without being asked. He kind of knows that when he is at work I usually rely on food that takes a few minutes to make cereal is my favourite, he also knows that when I am miserable I don’t bother to eat at all. I thought it was really sweet. We had a bit of a chat before he went to sleep and then I laid there and although I had a bit of trouble falling asleep in the first place it didn’t take more than an hour for me to drift off. Sleeping makes me happy, last night I was so tired out that even the heat didn’t manage to keep me awake. I slept and I didn’t dream at all which made a very nice change. Then when I finally got up today I started my day with a bath all by myself before I got dressed. Mark decided that it would be nice to buy me chocolate, which me and the baby decided made a very good breakfast lol. Little things like this make me happy. I bought some new scrapbooking stuff because Scrap Matters had a big sale on and he wasn’t even bothered, I was kind of expecting to get told off for spending more money but he just didn’t seem bothered. He’s gone to get Lukas from school now and before he left I even got a really nice cuddle. Even though it is still really hot, and I have to go and find a clean top because this one is too hot I am smiling because for the first time in a while I feel happy, I have been chattering away to the baby and I am excited that Lukas will be home in a minute. Strangely enough even the pain isn’t bothering me so much today, it’s still there and it still hurts but I don’t feel depressed by it today. Even Nan can’t bother me today when she started moaning I just didn’t feel like it mattered, or was worth getting bothered about. I just sat and listened and then came back upstairs, not stressed out by her in the least. What a difference a day makes lol. Gotta go I hear my little guy downstairs and he’s singing so sounds like he is happy too lol.

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