Friday, September 07, 2012

First Trip To Church Left

First Trip To Church Left by Lukasmummy
First Trip To Church Left, a photo by Lukasmummy on Flickr.

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Journalling reads: Doesn’t she look peaceful, all wrapped up and snug in her snowsuit. you wouldn’t have any clue that just 5 or so minutes before this photograph was taken she was screaming the house down. We have never been very religious, so when I told Mark I was planning on taking the 3 kids to church on Christmas Eve, he was more than a little surprised. Every year the church near Lukas’s school holds an interactive nativity where all the kids can take part. For some reason I can’t remember now it seemed really important to take them for Leia’s first Christmas. I have a feeling I may have said it was a new Christmas tradition for a new baby. But I also wouldn’t rule out the possibility that it seemed like a good excuse to get her all dressed up and show her off to people. What I didn’t bank on was Mark having to work on Christmas Eve and being left to do it all by myself. Getting 3 kids dressed, out the door and walking to the church before the service started would have been hard enough for me, I am disorganised and pretty much always run late at the best of times. But Leia decided to have a complete meltdown. She wasn’t hungry, didn’t need a nappy change and nothing I tried helped, She eventually screamed herself to sleep. I can see now why we have never attempted a trip to church before or since! 24th December 2011.

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