Monday, August 09, 2010


Slide, originally uploaded by Lukasmummy.

Credits: Layered template (Stackables Set 1, Template A) and I'm All Boy by Jen C Designs. Font is Pea Ink and Post by Amanda Bottoms (Fonts For Peas).
Journalling reads: Logan loves to go down the slide. It’s always funny to watch him. After climbing up the stairs, he always sits at the top of the slide, just looking around and smiling for a while. Then he shoves his bum forward and regrets it. He reaches over to the bar and hangs on for dear life. When he eventually lets go he slides down, usually on his back with this bemused look on his face, like he can’t really understand what he has done. Then he jumps off the end and crawls around to the steps to go again. His favourite thing is when he gets to go down the slide on Lukas’s lap. He always holds on really tight to Lukas, right until they get to the bottom, and then he can’t shove him off quick enough and escape back to the steps again.

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