Friday, March 08, 2013

Leo 2 Days Old

Leo 2 Days Old by Lukasmummy
Leo 2 Days Old, a photo by Lukasmummy on Flickr.

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Journalling reads: We don’t have a huge number of photographs of Leo, and the ones we do have are almost all taken in the Special Care Baby Unit at the hospital. Since the day to day routine is pretty much the same with the exception of challenges and issues that occur, it’s kind of hard to keep track of what day it is. So I took a different approach when organizing all of his photographs. I labelled each of the folders by the main colour in them, then I had extra folders with Leo and Daddy, Leo and Mummy and Leo and Lukas. There really isn’t that much that I can tell you about these photographs. I can tell you from the date that he was 2 days old when they were taken. I can tell you from the content that he laid in an incubator, I can tell you that he was on a ventilator and various monitors and that he was still to small for the micro size nappies. I can tell you from the colouring of them that he was very jaundiced and I can tell you that I loathed that little yellow blanket they had laid him on. What none of these photos, or any others that we have of him for that matter can tell you is just how much he was loved, how hard it was to come home and leave him there every night and how much I miss him every single day, only I can do that.

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