Friday, October 26, 2012

Meeting Harry Potter

Meeting Harry Potter by Lukasmummy
Meeting Harry Potter, a photo by Lukasmummy on Flickr.

Credits: Layered template (Round & Round, Template 1) by Little Bit Shoppe Designs, Wizarding Magic Collab (slightly recoloured) by Creations By Rachael, Chelle's Creations, Erica Zane, Happy Scrap Girl and Haynay Designs and Glitter Style by Anna Forrest. Fonts are DJB 4 Lynette by Darcy Baldwin, Magic School One and Magic School Two.
Journalling reads: When we took you to see Santa at Cowley Centre, the toy store were running a promotion on some new Harry Potter themed toys, somehow they had managed to borrow the Ford Anglia from the films and had these two lookalikes walking around to promote the magic wands. It was really funny how excited you were to see them and you begged to have your photograph taken with “Harry Potter”, even though you knew it wasn’t the real one. Luckily they were more than happy to oblige and you left with a huge smile on your face. It didn’t matter to you that some people thought it was a little strange. 1st December 2007.

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