Monday, June 11, 2012

Not sure if you noticed

but I have already made a start on updating the blog, the CT section in the sidebar has been tidied up and the stores updated, I also added links to both of their Facebook fan pages. I removed a few bits and pieces like the slideshow of my 2010 P365 and I have updated my profile section. I might have gotten a little bit more done if we hadn't decided to take the kids swimming this afternoon. Logan suggested it and since I am behind on the washing, I hadn't actually gotten around to washing them from when we went last time, naughty mummy. So we had to wait for them to wash and dry and since Mark couldn't find his we decided it would be simpler to just buy him a second set. While we were waiting we decided to try out a trick for boiling eggs we saw on How to cook like Heston. It didn't really work (don't think Mark caught it as it started boiling so it was overcooked) but the second set done how he usually does them were yummy, I had them with asparagus instead of toast, think I may have found my new favourite breakfast. Logan tried boiled egg for the first time and loved it. So when the stuff was finally washed and dried we took a trip to Cowley Centre.When we got there we ran into my mum and Callum. We stopped and chatted for a little while and the boys played on some of the rides. I don't seem to be capable of just buying one item when we go into any clothes shop, and this time was no different. Little Miss ended up with 2 new pairs of leggings, 2 new tops to go with leggings she got on our last shopping trip lol, a pack of 2 babygros, a dressing gown (for swimming we had been intending to buy her a hooded towel but this was cheaper) and a pink ballerina skirt. Then we walked to the swimming pool, we got everyone dressed and headed into the baby pool. Since the main pool was dead, I asked Mark if he would mind watching the kids while I did a few lengths. I honestly didn't realise I was so unfit, I used to be fairly good at swimming. I managed one length of the pool (shallow to deep end and back again) and I thought I was going to drown. My heart was racing and there was so much pressure in my head it made me want to pass out and throw up at the same time. Ironically I thought that my fitness was a lot better since losing 2 stone, I mean I can walk to Nan's and back now when before I could barely manage here to Cowley Centre. But I have been feeling pretty crappy every since, so maybe it might be time to make that doctors appointment I have probably been needing to make for about 6 months. Leia really seemed to enjoy swimming today usually she doesn't really seem interested but today she was kicking and splashing a lot. The boys had fun playing with their new Spongebob Squarepants water pistols. After we got out Leia sat in the wall seat while we had showers. she was playing with her new dressing gown. What was funny though was when I was dressing her. I decided it would be interesting to turn the hairdryer on her, she loved it. She was giggling and cooing and her hair went all crazy and fluffy. But while she was giggling she managed to pee everywhere lucky I had her on our changing mat. It's challenging trying to change her when we go swimming because there is no wall mounted changing tables in the cubicles anymore. So I have to use the one by the dryer, it's easy enough when I dress her to go swimming, because I have my swimming costume on under my clothes. But when we get redressed, I have to try and keep her off my wet swimming costume and dress her while Mark dresses Logan then he holds her while I go into the cubicle and put my own clothes back on. After swimming everyone was starving, we had bought snacks at Cowley Centre and were planning on cooking dinner when we got home but we just couldn't be bothered. I suggested we go to the takeaway and buy chips for everyone, naughty mummy again seems to be a bit of a theme today. When we got there I said Lukas could have a sausage in batter (his favourite) for the walk home. Mark got a regular sausage and since I was thrilled to find out they could do them without syrup I ordered a banana fritter. It came in a tray and there were five of them about the size of the chicken balls that we usually buy. They were seriously yummy, and I didn't even care how many calories there were in them lol. Once we got home, Lukas fell asleep after finishing his dinner, he was supposed to have his hair cut for school tomorrow but Mark will have to do it in the morning. He did his and Logan's though. Apart from taking a few photos of Leia in her new ballerina skirt and feeding her half a jar of food (she was too sleepy to finish the rest), we have had a nice easy night. It's been a really nice day and with the BBQ yesterday a really nice weekend. It's a shame Mark doesn't get weekends off more often. Tomorrow Lukas goes back to school after half term (YAY!), me and Logan are quite looking forward to getting back to normal. Then there is the first England match of Euro 2012 and I have slimming world in the evening. Hopefully we will manage to get a few loads of washing done, some tidying up and maybe even some CT work while Lukas is at school. In between our usual routine of watching CBeebies especially I Can Cook, "Minions" (Despicable Me) and Toy Story 3.

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