Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ducks In The Garden

Ducks In The Garden by Lukasmummy
Ducks In The Garden, a photo by Lukasmummy on Flickr.

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Journalling reads: When it was time to upgrade his mobile phone Mark decided to let me have the new white handset, while he kept my old black version. I asked him to leave it synced with my Google account. so he would get the same calendar reminders as I do, meaning I didn’t need to remind him about birthdays, anniversaries etc. I also had it set up to sync all photos taken with my Photobucket account so that if I ever lost my phone I wouldn’t lose my precious photos. By leaving it as I had it set up it meant that photos from both phones were uploaded to the same account. I thought it would mean that I got instant access to any photos he took of the kids when I didn’t happen to be with them, like when he takes them to the park during my Slimming World meetings. So I was more than a bit puzzled when he sent me a text message from work one day, telling me to go and check my Photobucket account. Mark works in a hospital and for the last few years, a duck has arrived in the founders garden, laid her eggs and then lived there with her babies until the RSPCA come and collect them once the babies have matured a bit. The staff usually put out a bowl of water once they spot the mother duck. When he spotted the babies during his lunch break, he was smart enough to know that I would be upset if he told he had seen them but not taken any pictures. He only managed to get one photo but I am so glad that he did. The combination of seeing those adorable little ducks and knowing that Mark went out of his way to do something so sweet, made my day, Sadly since he took this photo he hasn’t seen the ducks again, we hope that they have just been moved somewhere safer. June 2nd 2012.

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