Saturday, October 29, 2011

Logan's First Solo Hugs With Leia

Credits: Layered template (11th September 2011, Sunday Brunch Chat Template) by Colie's Corner and My Story by Jen C Designs. Font is Pea Teran by Amanda Bottoms (Fonts For Peas).
Journalling reads: You adore your baby sister Leia, but it’s very frustrating for you when we go to visit her. You don’t want to stay in the room with her or stay and play in the day room. You always choose to be a naughty little monkey and run out of the room, usually getting yourself told off by the nurses in the process. I suppose we shouldn’t really be surprised after all you are only 2 years old. When we first took you to visit Leia you were not allowed to touch her, because she was in high dependancy care. BUt once she was moved to low dependancy and had her own side room it was much easier to entertain you, because you will pretty much do anything to be able to touch your baby sister. We started with letting you hold her hand while Mummy or Daddy was holding her, then we moved onto letting you sit on Mummy’s lap while she was holding Leia and “helping” to give her a cuddle. This time though we decided to trust you and let you hold her all by yourself. Mummy crouched down next to you just in case you moved suddenly and dropped Leia. You held her like you had been doing it forever, without me even showing you how. You supported her head and kept her safe and secure in your arms. It was adorable to see you gazing down at her with so much love in your eyes. We were so proud of you for being such a sweet big brother. 25th October 2011.

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