Tuesday, September 14, 2010

That's Not A Toy

That's Not A Toy, originally uploaded by Lukasmummy.

Credits: Layered template (Template Challenge 9th May 2010) and Painted Edgers 04 by Katie Pertiet and P365 Roy G. Biv Fall (slightly recoloured), Project 365 Papers Roy G. Biv Solids and Dots (slightly recoloured) and Project 365 Papers The Basics. Fonts are Century Gothic, MTF Jotted by Miss Tiina and sf Tiscia's Sloppy by Sugar Frog Fonts.
Journalling reads: I’m not really sure why, you always prefer to play with my kitchen equipment instead of your own toys. No matter what it is I buy you it’s discarded in a few minutes if you bother to look at it at all. But show you my colander and you will sit for ages, sometimes an hour or longer, picking it up, putting stuff in it, trying to push things through the holes and of course your most favourite use of all, wearing it on your head like it’s a little hat!

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