Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not doing so great at keeping the goals from the last post

but the only way to resolve that is to try harder and accept that doing most of them is better than doing none of them. I haven’t really found the time to blog lately between the snow days and the sick days Lukas has been home pretty much all the time and Mark has been at work. As much as I love Lukas and Logan they are very distracting and loud it’s incredibly hard to concentrate on anything when they are both around and wanting attention. Mark is on holiday this week so we have been trying to make a dent in the clutter and chaos that is everywhere. We aren’t doing so well with that either. It doesn’t help that I have been so ill and stuff has cropped up every single day so far but we have managed to do something every day at least it’s a step in the right direction. Today was our wedding anniversary it’s hard to believe we have been married for 3 years already. We didn’t buy gifts for each other but we did each get the gift of doing something we wanted, Mark wanted to watch the Tottenham Hotspur game so we came up with a great compromise. He got to watch the game on the condition that Logan got to sit with him. It’s not actually as unfair as it sounds since Logan is definitely his daddy’s boy, he loves it when there is sport on the television football, rugby, ice hockey and American football are his favourites. He gets very excited and there are lots of shrieks of delight and arm and leg waving. While they were having their father son time, Lukas got to play on the laptop on his game and I got to scrap in peace and have the rare use of both hands and the contents of my desk stay on my desk. No trying to restrain the wriggly monster that is Logan or watching everything be swiped onto the floor. He has issues with my computer and pretty much everything on my desk, so he swipes it all off onto the floor. It drives him nuts that he can’t knock the keyboard off. He’s a little vandal so it’s lucky for him that he is cute enough to get away with it for the most part. The worst part is not only does he seem to understand that it’s naughty he looks you straight in the eye while he does it and then laughs when you tell him off. He’s more than a handful and I am not ashamed to admit I am scared of how bad he is going to be as he gets bigger. He’s so strong already and really hard to hold on to combine that with how stubborn he is and let’s just say we are going to be in in for a bumpy ride with that one! *sigh* Even though he’s a cheeky little monkey I have a hard time remembering what my life was like before he came into it. It feels like he has been here forever and I really couldn’t imagine a single day without his cheeky smile or his giggle. I decided to attempt Project 365 this year and so far I have managed to keep up and take a photo a day. I decided not to set any rules for myself but so far every photo has been of either Lukas, Logan or both of them together lol. I have managed to keep up every day so far, I decided to go with taking the photos with my mobile phone and uploading them from that to Facebook. It may sound insane but my mobile phone camera is actually better than my proper camera, it’s an 8.1MP for a start and the other is a 7.2MP. This way I always have the camera to hand and I don’t miss any of the photos I want to take. It’s going to be challenging to remember to take one every day but I am looking forward to it. I do have a few layouts I managed to scrap mostly using the laptop with Logan on my lap but they will have to wait for another day since Logan is asleep on my arm. If you want to see them though you can always click the link on the right and then the January 2010 album. Just one quick thing before I go spammers are driving me crazy at the moment so if you suddenly see that comments have been disabled or there are annoying caption things to enter that’s why. I still haven’t made a decision if they are irritating me enough to bother doing that.

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