Sunday, January 03, 2010

So it’s 2010, a new year, a new start

only it isn’t. We are 3 days into the year and no-one has even attempted to change in the slightest. Mark is still smoking, Lukas is still leaving his toys everywhere, Logan is still screaming blue murder everytime I put him down, Nan is still complaining, the bedroom is still a mess and me well I am still everything I wish I wasn’t. It’s not for the lack of us wanting to be different, it’s just that there are some things we can’t change and there are some things we don’t know how to change and yes I will admit it there are some things that certain people don’t want to change. My husband has no desire to stop smoking even if it would stop the nagging. My son has no desire to tidy up his toys even if it would mean he no longer lost bits of this and pieces of that and me while I have the desire but what I am lacking is the energy to make the desire a reality. But there are 362 days left in this year and that is the change for this year, usually all of the things we haven’t done would drive me insane, this year I am choosing to take the point of view that we just haven’t done these things yet. I am taking Flylady to heart and I am looking for progress not perfection. With that in mind I am choosing not to make resolutions this year but I am going to make simple attainable goals and I am going to blog about them so I am held accountable to them. There is no bigger feeling of achievement than seeing a to-do list with everything checked off as done. So here are my current list of goals, I will add more as and when I think of them. This is the minimum I hope to achieve and anything else is a huge bonus. Each list will have a deadline to keep me on track. I know some of these look really obvious and you are thinking why on earth would you put that on a to-do list. Simple answer because I need to, I need the motivation to do the simple things like get dressed because I just don’t feel like it.

Daily goals (3rd January)

  • Get dressed
  • Washing downstairs
  • Empty rubbish bin
  • Charge mobile phone
  • 15 minutes decluttering
  • 15 minutes organising files
  • Unzip files
  • Blog reader
  • Emails

Weekly goals (4th January – 10th January)

  • One layout
  • One blog post
  • One photo every day

Anyway I am going to leave it at that for now and head to bed, it’s 8:15am and I haven’t made it there yet thanks to how bad the pain is tonight. But I am starting to fall asleep at the desk so I am going to take a couple more painkillers, have a drink and then hopefully I will be tired enough to fall asleep in the bed despite the pain. Maybe I can rest even if I don’t sleep.

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