Friday, March 27, 2009

What's that sound?

oh that's right it's called silence lol. Lukas has gone out for a Happy Meal with Ella and Mark is at work so I am taking advantage of the quiet to listen to an audiobook on my mobile phone and trying to think of things to write on here lol. The audiobook of choice today is one I have listened to before (Confessions Of A Shopperholic) but I fancied listening to it again. I have lots of audiobooks but to be completely honest I am not entirely sure where I have put them all I know they are on my computer somewhere but I am not exactly sure where lol. The major advantage of listening to audiobooks on my phone or my ipod is that I can use the computer with no loss of speed. I prefer the clunky old desktop over the laptop when no-one else is here it's just more comfortable to sit at my nice big desk with a proper keyboard and mouse lol. ACDSee is adding some more stuff to the catalog, and there are loads of things I am supposed to be doing before Mark comes home but I just don't feel like doing anything. Lisa just phoned and said that Lukas and Ella wanted to go and play at her house for a couple of hours so seems like I will have the peace and quiet for a little bit longer. I suppose while I am here I could show you the layouts I have done since I last blogged. I think there are 5 of them.
The 1st one is for a template challenge at Elemental Scraps (the current one challenge #17)

Credits: Layered template (Template Challenge 17) by Chrissy W and Slippery Slope by Chrissy W and Angie Kovacs, All Worn Out Overlays 2 by Penny Springmann and I'm Felting 01 Styles by Royanna Lea Fritschmann. Font is FO Howie's Stamps Abundant by Fontologie.

The 2nd one is for a scraplift challenge at Elemental Scraps which ironically is also a previous template challenge over there (Template Challenge 16, Scraplift 2)
Credits: Layered template (Template Challenge 16) by Chrissy W, Egocentric (November 08, Team 2 Mega Kit) contributions by Stephanie Ogren, Nikki Scott, Chris Wasielewski and Chrissy W, I'm Talking 'bout - Remembering You Wordart by Jodie McNally and Showpieces Volume 1 by Janelle Gustafson (Cafe J Designs). Font is DJB Miss Liz by Darcy Baldwin.

Journalling reads: It’s the little moments like this, that make me realise just how fast you are growing up. I don’t need to follow you around when we go out to places anymore. I get to sit back and watch as you have a blast playing. There’s nothing that makes me more proud, than watching you trying things you would have once been scared of. I trust that you know exactly where I am if you want me for anything and then just leave you to do whatever you want.

The 3rd one was created using Chrissy and Angie's new collab template set East Meets West, it's also for a font challenge at Elemental Scraps (Font Challenge 2).

Credits: Layered template (East Meets West, Template 2) by Angie Kovacs, Boy Trouble (January 09 Mega Kit) contributions by Chrissy W, Theresa Hernandez, Pam Odd (Pamela Donnis Designs), Jill van Dijk (Juno Designs), Sherri Tierney, Megan Turnidge, Nikki Scott, Leah Riordan and Sharia Braxton and All Worn Out Overlays 2 by Penny Springmann. Fonts are Orator Std and Mia's Scribblings.

Journalling reads: I took these photos while you were waiting to be picked up for Morgan’s Birthday Party. You were so excited especially since it was the first party you had ever been to all by yourself.

The 4th one was also created using Chrissy and Angie's new collab template set East Meets West, it's for another font challenge at Elemental Scraps (Font Challenge 3).

Credits: Layered template (East Meets West, Template 2), My Favourite Place and 4x12 Paper Cutters by Chrissy W, Monster Madness by Nikki Scott and For Melissa Glitters by Megan Farrow (Flergs). Fonts are Complete In him and FO Howie's Stamps Lowfat by Fontologie.

Journalling reads: I don’t have very many photos of you from when you were little, but this is one of my favourites. You were sat in your push along car, in your highchair insert (because you were so small) and it was obviously very comfortable because you fell fast asleep.

The 5th one was with Chrissy and Angie's new collab template set East Meets West as well, it's for yet another font challenge at Elemental Scraps (Font Challenge 4).

Credits: Layered template (East Meets West, Template 1) by Chrissy W, Springtime Dreams (March 09 Mega Kit) contributions by Nikki Scott, Becki Kress, Lucky Smith, Bella Gypsy, Leslie Bodoh, Anja Jahn, Sharia Braxton, Scraps by Shilo and Juno Designs. Font is Pea Summer Sweetness.

Journalling reads: Our 2nd Ultrasound 12 Weeks.

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