Thursday, March 12, 2009

I think I have forgotten how to do this

It used to be a bit of a habit to write down all the little details on here, to recap the day and share the layouts I had created. I guess when the days become little more than sleeping, eating, pain and feeling tired there isn't really much left to write about. I have scrapped a few layouts here and there but for the most part I have stayed away from the computer all together. I don't know if I mentioned on here but my new laptop is broken so we only have the desktop at the moment. Lukas wants to use it to play his games on, Mark wants to use it for playing the SIMS 2 on and vaious online games and it never seems worth the effort to fight with them over computer time. The limited amount of time I do spend on the computer are taken up with replying to emails and keeping on top of my blog reader. I do browse the forums but rarely feel like posting to them anymore. I supppose the very limited computer time is good practice for when the baby is born, Lukas and Leo were only ever happy when they were being held I am pretty good at doing things one handed so I can type or even scrap with a baby on my lap but I don't know if I will want to. Whenever I do open up Photoshop to scrap I don't seem to feel inspired, I struggle with trying to choose kits and photographs that work well together. Yesterday I had another hospital appointment. They did some more scans and took some more blood and are baffled as to why every single thing they tested for last time was negative lol. I will admit its kind of fun to always be such a mystery to the hospital especially since each pregnancy is uniquely bizarre lol. Takara Bean appears to be doing fine, very active and exactly 16 weeks in size on the scan. I have another appointment in 5 weeks time ironically its 2 hours before the appointment for my 20 week scan, I am supposed to make an midwife appointment at some point between now and then. I've done something to my ribs it started when I was coughing a lot and my ribs were sore, a sharp pain right across them making it hard to do everything. It kind of got worse when Lukas for some bizarre reason decided to press against my ribs on the left hand side. Paracetamol is a very good friend of mine at the moment, the only problem is its making me very sleepy and dazed all the time. Its kind of strange to have painkillers do something I am so used to them being completely pointless unless I take a lot more than I am supposed to it seems crazy that 1 500mg tablet is capable of knocking me out for the whole night. So apart from my own health issues things aren't too bad. Mark is currently working 3 days a week for 4 hours each day to help get him back into the routine of working after being off for so long with his back. He's gone for a physio appointment today and has an occupational health meeting tomorrow. Lukas currently has no front teeth as both of them came out within days of each other. Luckily the new ones are coming through but for now he looks very grown up with his huge gap lol. I am waiting for the repair people to come and fix the leak under the kitchen sink. They said they would be here sometime before 4pm. Then I have a lot of phone calls to make include getting the laptop repaired and I assume by the time all of those are done Lukas will be home and Mark will be off to work. I better go for now because I have lots of other little things to do while Mark is out. But I will pop back when I get a minute and share the few layouts I have done, the scan photos and a photograph of Lukas and his gap for you. I still have enabling to add to the other post as well.

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