Saturday, January 10, 2009

From Our Blog To Yours - Snow Test

Yes I know I should be updating you on some stuff but I don't have the time or the energy today. But I did promise Mark I wouldn't do any shopping today, so while Lukas is playing I am doing a few of the quicker challenges to earn sweet reward points. There are lots of new releases I have my eye on today, so I have to earn as much discount as I can manage 40% would help a lot but I can't really see it happening lol. So this is the From Our Blog To Yours Challenge from the 8th January, a quick quiz about snow. Here are the results. I will try and get back later and update on the other stuff that is going on but I am not making any promises that I will manage it.

Your Snow Test Says You're Independent

You feel like something good will happen to you in the next few months. You love to work, especially when work is creative. You have the makings of a successful artist. You are an independent, individualistic person. You thrive when you're doing your own thing. Your biggest worry in life is your family. You stay up at night thinking about them. When it comes time to relax, you really indulge. You are all about your favorite comforts.

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