Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pink Cowgirl Hat


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Journalling reads: Leia's current obsessions are all Disney related, Sofia The First and Doc McStuffins, but most of all Sheriff Callie. While the program itself is cute, we can't really understand what is so fascinating about it, that she needs to watch it over and over again. There is a a little kitty called Callie, who is the Sheriff of a town called Nice and Friendly Corners. She wears a pink cowgirl hat and boots, a noodle lasso and rides a really fast blue horse called Sparky. She has a deputy called Peck who is a woodpecker that rides a donkey called Clementine. The deputy's best friend is called Toby and he is a cactus. The whole thing is about the day to day adventures off the animals that live in Nice and Friendly Corners. Her job is to keep the town safe, sort out everyone's problems and rescue them all when things go wrong. For some reason, even though the programme seems to be popular, Disney haven't really released any official merchandise that we have found yet. When Lukas went shopping for Christmas presents we were lucky to find a pink cowgirl set complete with sheriff badge, mask, pink guns and a little holster. We also picked Logan up a little cowboy set with guns. But what she really wanted was a cowgirl hat, since Logan has a brown one, lucky enough I found this odd one in the pound shop. It had a really tacky plastic tiara attached to the front, the string to hold it on was missing and it's too big for her, but the minute she saw it she squealed and insisted on putting it straight on. It's hard to find the words to describe how strange it is to be shopping with a little madam in a pink cowgirl hat and rain gear, when it's freezing cold and windy and everyone is staring as she stomps along beside me. I tried really hard to convince her to take it off and put it under the pushchair, so it wouldn't end up blowing off into the road or landing in a puddle but that just caused an epic meltdown. Since we had only gone shopping to pick up a new winter hat I tried to get her to stand still so I could take a photo to show Daddy on Facebook with the caption " When we told Daddy we were going to buy a new hat I don't think this is what he had in mind Leia". As you can see she was not impressed with the idea of sitting still for photos, and if looks could talk that one would clearly say "oh hurry up and get on with it" She just wanted to go to school and show Logan her pretty hat.

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